Our Vision

The ground transport sector is being disrupted by powerful high-tech corporations and innovative startups enabled by ubiquitous wireless connectivity, smartphones, and low-cost embedded electronics

Our Focus

Ground transportation is one of the largest industrial sectors in the world, now undergoing rapid transformation after decades of slow growth.


Financial Services

Ground Logistics



Fleet Services

Road Infrastructure


The Forces of Change

Recent technological advances, disruptive business models, and new corporate entrants are causing tectonic shifts in the ground transport sector.
  • AutonomyPowertrain
  • ConnectivitySharing
  • Online RetailTech Giants

Startups are Revolutionizing Ground Transport

We invest in software, services, and electronics startups enabling connected, autonomous, energy-efficient ground vehicles and services.

Buy                                       Park
Insure                                   Recharge
Drive                                     Repair
Share                                    Resell

Our Partners

We facilitate partnerships among financial investors, strategic corporate investors, and startups to enable smarter investments and accelerated growth for our portfolio startups.

Strategic Investors
Financial Investors

Our Impact

We facilitate the growth of ground transportation startups that seek financial gain while enabling positive social and environmental impacts.

Increased road safety
Cleaner environment
Easier commuting