Booking platform for private charter buses and coaches

Drag-and-drop AI for automating visual inspection and recognition workflows

Sensor fusion perception solutions for autonomous vehicles

Body shop and repair marketplace in EU serving insurance, fleet management, and car rental companies

Used vehicle marketplace operator focused on emerging markets

Next-generation commercial trucking insurance

Custom, low-cost, low-volume ASICs for automotive applications


Metamaterials antenna for high-precision, long range ADAS and autonomous vehicle radar

Online marketplace for shared use and rental of recreational vehicles and motorhomes

Marketing platform for motorcycle, powersport, and RV retailers, and manufacturers

Retrofit autonomous solutions for heavy equipment in construction and mining

Cloud-based enterprise software to automate and reduce the cost of shipping and fulfillment

Parking inventory and booking platform that connects drivers with garages, lots, and valets

Reinventing public transportation with a premium bus experience in emerging markets

Mobile autonomous agricultural robotics for high-value specialty crops

Advertising sponsored free electric vehicle charging network

Vehicle inventory tracking and e-commerce solutions for work truck dealers, distributors, and body manufacturers

Fast, accurate, low-power, and low-memory AI algorithms for edge devices

Connected aerodynamic devices to improve fuel efficiency and reduce trucking costs