Alexei Andreev

Managing Director
Alexei brings to Autotech a long track record of investing in hard science startups related to... Read More

Edith Besze

Office Manager
Edith brings to Autotech extensive skills in all aspects of business operations. As former Director of Operations of ... Read More

Mitra Broomand-Huber

Mitra brings to Autotech her experience helping corporations harness disruption and... Read More

Burak Cendek

Burak brings to Autotech a never-ending passion for helping founders combined with broad business and technical experience... Read More

Tony Di Bona

Chief Financial Officer
Tony brings to Autotech more than 25 years of experience as a CFO to multiple venture capital firms... Read More

Anthony Foxx

Anthony brings to Autotech a wealth of municipal, state, and federal transportation policy... Read More

Kate Fry

Kate brings to Autotech diverse experience in venture capital financial operations and reporting.... Read More

Quin Garcia

Managing Director
Quin brings to Autotech a passion for enabling the success of mobility entrepreneurs... Read More

Maurice Gunderson

Managing Director
Maurice brings to Autotech a unique combination of ground transport industry expertise... Read More

Daniel Hoffer

Managing Director
Daniel brings to Autotech his experience as a successful startup founder, advisor, and investor... Read More

Maryann Keller

Maryann brings to Autotech over 35 years of automotive expertise as an analyst, author, consultant and board member... Read More

David McShane

EVP of Corporate Partnerships
David brings a broad cross-section of mobility and industrial experience to Autotech working both in and with start-up companies... Read More

Jeff Peters

Jeff brings to Autotech wide-ranging engineering, economics, and investing expertise in the transportation industry and beyond... Read More

Masahiro Suzuki

Partner, Director of Strategic Services
Masahiro brings to Autotech his expertise in executing strategic technology projects... Read More

Alan Taub

Alan brings to Autotech the perspective of a senior automotive technology executive... Read More