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Next-Generation Automotive Investments are heating up in Silicon Valley

This series 154th the “Apple” iOS 7 in the car, “sudden acceleration in appearance! US latest local situation – Toyota, Honda, Nissan Silicon Valley office exclusive interview of the telematics industry, “to upheaval in, there was a reaction from many fields.

Introducing the 3 manufacturers, such as the automotive industry officials, as well as securities firms, trading companies, there is a high interest in the “investment” such as a consulting company. Such circumstances, we heard a number of voices called “telematics-related start-up looking for there has been an increase.”

The start-up (Startups), venture companies and synonyms. In Silicon Valley, the call it here is preferred. In addition, excavation and small investments in start-up, also the business model to perform the matching of investors called “Startup Accelerator (Startups Accelerator)”.

September 12, 2013, core-Sunnyvale City of Silicon Valley. “Plug and Play Tech center” of the leading startup accelerator has interviewed the “EXPO” to be held once a quarter. The company the second floor of the presentation for the venue, 500 people more than the organizers expected packed, standing room came out.

In the center of the venue is provided investors seat of about 50 people, venture capital, etc. are sitting. Its surroundings, corporate partners (Google, Disney, Samsung, such as the 250 companies registered Fujitsu), and University partners parties (Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Princeton, etc. 20 schools) sit. In addition, a wide variety of corporate stakeholders, including the automobile manufacturers are participating for the information collection.

Each company is presenting at the venue center stage “Startup Pitches” First, 14:00 to 15:15 in the 17 companies. Across the break 30 minutes, 15:45 to 16:45 to 17 companies. In other words, one company of the allotted time is three minutes. Excellent three companies is elected from among the 34 companies. In the next to the presentation venue, each company of the demonstration has been carried out.

Announcement contents, mobile (smartphone referred to in Japan) and Internet-related apps, software, and was a device such as a small camera. Most of the presenter is the CEO of 20 years old. It was conspicuous among them, even he speaks good crispness of Chinese and Korean-American while attending the famous University.

Source: Diamond online
Written By: Kenji Momota – Journalist

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