Next-Generation Automotive Investments are heating up in Silicon Valley

In this Japanese article, the Diamond Online, the premier online source for analysis of Japanese business and current affairs, analyzes several trends in Silicon Valley enabling the rise of connected car technology. Beyond highlighting accelerators such as Plug and Play and Stanford University’s StartX, The Diamond features Autotech Ventures as among the few VCs focusing in this space.

This series 154th the “Apple” iOS 7 in the car, “sudden acceleration in appearance! US latest local situation – Toyota, Honda, Nissan Silicon Valley office exclusive interview of the telematics industry, “to upheaval in, there was a reaction from many fields.

Introducing the 3 manufacturers, such as the automotive industry officials, as well as securities firms, trading companies, there is a high interest in the “investment” such as a consulting company. Such circumstances, we heard a number of voices called “telematics-related start-up looking for there has been an increase.” The start-up (Startups), venture companies and synonyms. In Silicon Valley, the call it here is preferred. In addition, excavation and small investments in start-up, also the business model to perform the matching of investors called “Startup Accelerator (Startups Accelerator)”.